Moving to Singapore:
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Discover what makes Singapore one of the world’s best cities for entrepreneurs, investors and families. 

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Benefits of Living in Singapore

This small island nation is more than a city – it’s a gateway to a richer and safer lifestyle.

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Expat-Friendly Policies and Schemes

As a world-leading financial centre and business hub, Singapore is extremely welcoming of talent and high-net-worth individuals, with a wide set of government policies and schemes for global entrepreneurs, executives and business people relocating to its cosmopolitan city.

High Living Standards, Extremely Family Friendly

Singapore's world-class healthcare, low crime rates and top-notch education system has made it the first choice for those looking for a new home or base of operations.

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Safest City in the World

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Most Efficient Healthcare in the World

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Foreign Schools

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Attractive Tax Incentives

Singapore’s tax system offers multiple incentives for foreign investors and individuals who move their money into the country.

Numerous tax treaties, combined with the lack of capital gains and dividends tax, has made Singapore an extremely attractive base for business operations, managing investments and holding assets.

Optimise your tax planning globally, talk to our Chartered Accountants.

The Premier Wealth Haven

Singapore is one of the most popular locations in the world for global funds and the ultra-wealthy. In recent years, the population of ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWIs) in Singapore has grown to over 4,200, while more than 400 family offices have been established.

Stable Business and Political Environment

In times of instability, Singapore’s resolute environment offers the perfect protection for global funds and wealth.

Strong Financial and Legal Infrastructure

Singapore’s well-developed framework makes it easy to set up and manage family offices and similar entities.

Transparent Tax Regime

Funds managed in Singapore can apply for multiple tax incentives and benefits to substantially lower operating costs.

Diverse Fund Management Industry

Singapore offers a wide array of investment products and solutions, connecting fund managers to exciting opportunities in new and fast-growing industries.

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Asia’s Central Business Hub

Over the past few decades, Singapore has emerged as a key global business hub. The country’s lower tax rates, wide trade networks, and intellectual property protections make it one of the best in the region for entrepreneurs and investors.

Complete Ownership and Control

International business owners exercise complete control over their company, capital structure, and distribution of ownership.

2nd in Asia for Ease of Doing Business

Singapore’s strong regulatory framework provides unparalleled support for operational businesses.

Vibrant Startup Ecosystem

World-class entrepreneurs frequent Singapore for new ventures and ideas, providing investors with access to up-and-coming industries of their interest.

Expansive Global Connectivity

Singapore’s strategic location makes it the ideal hub to access the Southeast region and its growing consumer market.

Take the first step. Establish a corporate presence in Singapore to fully access the country’s benefits.

As one of Singapore’s leading professional services firm, Meyzer360 offers a comprehensive suite of incorporation solutions for entrepreneurs, investors and business owners moving to Singapore.

Incorporate an Entity in Singapore

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It only takes 20 minutes to register a new entity online.

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We provide you with a Global Bank Account on the same day.

Global Investor Program

Once you submit your details, we take care of all the paperwork.

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